The 4th of July Fireworks POSTPONED

The 4th of July Fireworks show has been Postponed to this SUNDAY, July 3rd at 9:15 PM

Due to inclement weather advisories, we need to postpone the fireworks show to Sunday, July 3rd at nightfall (between 9:15 - 9:30 PM). This is to ensure the safety of our volunteer crew here at Lake Barcroft and our residents as we celebrate the fourth. This means that Beach 3 will be closed ALL DAY on Sunday, July 3rd. There will be NO ACCESS TO BOAT RACKS on Sunday, July 3rd. If you want to use a boat on the Lake that is on a rack at Beach 3, you should get it on Saturday. After the fireworks arrive, we and the fire Marshal will not allow access due to the danger of having explosives on the beach. Everything we do around fireworks starts and ends with safety. Your safety and the safety of the technicians handling the explosives and the visitors.


With the change in schedule, we are desperately seeking volunteers to help clear the firework debris on MONDAY MORNING so that Beach 3 will be ready to host parade goers and the woman's club will have time to set up their cookies and lemonade. If you are able and willing to volunteer, please contact Kevin Kampschroer at

Beach 2 has the best viewing for the fireworks, or on the Lake itself. Another good area is the Community/Women's Club Garden or the upper half of Stoneybrae Drive. We will be closing Stoneybrae Drive to thru traffic after 8 PM that evening as there will be a lot of pedestrians on the road.