Environmental Quality & Residential Tree Replacement Program

The Environmental Quality Committee supports activities that raise the awareness of residents about environmental issues that affect the community and the Lake.

The Lake Barcroft Watershed Improvement District, WID, is a local taxing district authorized for conservation purposes in the Virginia Code. Its tasks include various lake management and environmental improvement activities in the watershed area. It also provides services directly to community residents who request them.

The LBA-LBWID Residential Tree Replacement Program is an award-winning environmental program designed to regenerate our aging urban forest and replenish the canopy before more old trees are lost.  Each year, the Tree Program offers a limited number of free native overstory trees to LB residents. Priority is given to first-time applicants and/or to properties with dead, dying or few overstory trees. Trees are professionally planted in the fall—usually early September. 

Current year Tree Program information is published in LB’s Newsletter (May 2023), announced on LakeLink, and updated in this space. 

TREE PROGRAM INFORMATION PACKET: The Tree Replacement Program has been put on a hiatus for this year while there is a management transition. We expect the program to become available again in 2024. 

For every tree planted by the Tree Replacement Program, residents are urged to plant another—perhaps a decorative understory tree or an overstory native species not offered by the program. Planting trees increases property values, improves air and water quality in Lake Barcroft, and protects the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay—a big impact!

Speaking Out is a series of articles by Priscilla Stevens with tips, hints and guidelines for a healthy and lake-friendly lifestyle.

The sometimes conflicting needs and interests of human residents and native residents has resulted in the development of management plans for geese and beavers on the lake.

In an effort to reduce the use of lawn chemicals in our community, the Lake Barcroft WID and the Lake Barcroft Association prepared a letter to lawn service providers asking them to minimize application of such chemicals. This letter was sent to all households in the community and everyone was asked to to distribute this letter to their lawn service providers. This letter is available here and in the documents section with both English and Spanish on one page. Simply print the page and give a copy to your lawn care service.

Additional Resources:

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Nick Drunasky
Urban Forester II
Forest Conservation Branch

Department of Public Works & Environmental Services
Fairfax County Government

Ph: 703-324-1713