LBA Boat Auction is on August 28th at 10 AM

Aug 28, 2022 - 10:00am

George Waters will lead the Auction of donated or confiscated boats this season. Come out to the WID compound (3650 Boat Dock Drive, its the end of Pinetree Terrace) at 10 AM on Sunday, August 28th and check out the available boats. The auction will begin shortly after at 10:15 AM and that is when you can grab yourself a canoe, kayak or even possibly a sailboat! There will be coffee and donut holes available to munch on and it is also a good opportunity to get an up close view of the dam.

Some general reminders: you must take your new boat with you after the auction so make sure to plan ahead. George will have his pontoon boat and has graciously offered to tow any purchased boats to one of the beaches so that is an option. Also, don't forget to bring a credit card or your checkbook as you will need to pay for the boat after the auction and purchase a 2022 sticker.